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*2% Rebate on New Homes in Florida…. Save $1,000’s on your purchase!

New Homes In Florida New Homes in Florida are waiting for you. New home builders and developers in Florida are providing you the opportunity to invest in preconstruction condos available for sale, or purchase homes to reside in. The choice is yours. As far as real estate agents are concerned, you have the chance to associate with us, so you can be part of the family in Florida and become another happy cash back customer!

Preconstruction Condos In Florida Receive up to a 2% rebate (cash back) on the purchase of new homes in Florida. For example, buying a new home worth $500,000 sums up to around $10,000 in your pocket! How? Home Builders pay a commission to the real estate broker representing you - typically 3% - but it depends upon the home builder.

This commission is built into the purchase price of the new home you are buying, irrespective of whether you have a real estate agent representing you or not! If you do not have an agent representing you, the home builder simply retains that extra 3%. If you work with us, we give up to 2% of our commission back to you. So, you need make sure that the new home builders in Florida know that you are represented by our company in you purchase of your dream home.


*2% Rebate on Preconstruction Condos in Florida… The most condos on sale to search!

Receive up to a 2% rebate (cash back) on the purchase of a new preconstruction condo in Florida. For example, buying a $1,000,000 condo represents up to $20,000 in your pocket! How can we do this? The developers pay a commission of 3% (may vary depending on the developer) to the real estate broker who represents you. This commission is built into the purchase price of the condo or condos that you are buying. Without the presence of a real estate broker or agent, the developer will retain the extra 3%. The good news is you have the opportunity to get back up to 2 % of the commission by associating with us! Did you know Fair Housing Laws protect consumers from paying more when you purchase preconstruction condos? We will make sure that you save $1,000’s and find new condos of your choice in Florida!

Developers/Real Estate Agents/Brokers
Florida Real Estate AgentsIf you are a developer or builder in Florida currently not included please contact us. We can have your new condo project live on our site in hours or add you to our list of single family home developers by county.

If you are a licensed real estate agent or soon to be in Florida interested in joining a growing company, are self motivated and self-directed, please contact us to take the steps towards becoming a Seawinds Realty Inc. affiliate.


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* Up to 2% Cash Rebate is provided.  The actual % depends upon the Builder. Seawinds Realty, Inc. is not associated with any developer.
We are an independent real estate company that provides cash back rebates to our customers who choose to do business through us.