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Seawinds Realty, Inc. is a real estate company located in Palm Beach County, Florida. We help and save buyers money when they purchase new preconstruction condos or single family homes for investments or to occupy. We do not work exclusively for any developer nor do we handle exclusive sales. We simply provide information on preconstruction throughout Florida and cash back rebates to customers who choose to do business through us. Average savings $3,000-$15,000.

You will always get a rebate on any home or condo purchase through us as long as we are the registered and representing brokerage company on record for the community and a commission is involved in the transaction. When other companies give 1% rebates our company in many circumstances gives 2%.

Remember! The developer already factors a commission into the purchase price so you only save $1,000’s. The developer will not lower the price if you buy without us. Don’t make a $10,000 mistake!

The National Fair Housing Laws ensure that commissions paid to real estate brokerage firms by home builders has no effect on the purchase price of new homes or condos.

See more at FAQs to learn more about how to get a rebate.


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* Up to 2% Cash Rebate is provided.  The actual % depends upon the Builder. Seawinds Realty, Inc. is not associated with any developer.
We are an independent real estate company that provides cash back rebates to our customers who choose to do business through us.