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CREATIVE LINK BUILDING AND ARTICLE SWAPPING wishes to help other like minded websites achieve success for their own website(s). It is our intention to help create mutually beneficial relationships that will emphasize growth and search engine optimization for both parties involved.

Exchange links with us. You provide a link from your resources or links directory and we will provide one back.

Please provide us with the page you have our link on and we will exchange one back. Please email,

Would you like to purchase a link on our home page? Help build traffic to your website while receiving better search engine optimization and visibility for your website.


  • Spots will be sold on a first come first serve basis starting at position 1 and ending at position 7 on the left navigation bar. Only 7 spots will be sold.
  • Only like kind or related websites will be accepted
  • Link text will be full follow link to your website and SEO friendly
  • Link can be no more than 5 words long
  • Link duration will be 6 months or 1 year
  • Please contact us for prices
Please contact us at for information or to answer any questions.

Get high Pagerank directly from our home page. Exchange links with us for better crawling from the search engines and increase both of our visibility on the web. Exchanging home page links is one of the most valuable links exchanges you can do!


  • Minimum Pagerank of home page must be 4
  • You have a like minded site and wish to link directly back to us from your Pagerank 4 or higher home page
  • We will link directly back to your site from footer of our home page
  • We will provide link text keywords with up to 4 words in total and you provide the same is open to other types of like minded site advertisers who wish to get creative with utilization of space on our website and/or your website. Please email us what specifically you want to advertise, what type of ad, location and your website address.
Please contact us at for information or to answer any questions.

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* Up to 2% Cash Rebate is provided.  The actual % depends upon the Builder. Seawinds Realty, Inc. is not associated with any developer.
We are an independent real estate company that provides cash back rebates to our customers who choose to do business through us.