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Current list of new home builders and developers for Okaloosa County Florida. Navigate through their web site/s to locate communities in your area/s of interest.

GET YOUR REBATE! When you visit or call a community have our contact information with you to get a rebate of up to 2%. Average cash back rebates to our customers is $3,000-$15,000! To learn more about our rebate program please see About Rebates.

In 1983, Susan and Edwin Henry decided to make their vision to build affordable, quality homes a reality. They didn't set out to be Northwest Florida's biggest builder; they set their sights on being the best. After all, this is their hometown, too. As it turns out, Henry Company Homes rapidly became Northwest Florida's largest residential homebuilder-not by building houses, but by helping families turn them into homes. The Henry's philosophy is simple: The dream of homeownership shouldn't just be a dream, but an opportunity available to all. Affordability, quality and value go hand-in-hand at Henry Company Homes. By purchasing construction materials in bulk, we save money on the cost of building homes. We pass those savings right back down to the homebuyer directly. Compare our cost per square feet with other builders-and even the used market. We simply offer more home for less money.
For many years, Housing South focused on building upscale spec homes in popular areas, like Shalimar Pointe, Bluewater Bay and Crosswinds Landing (their own 146-planned unit development in Fort Walton Beach). "Our homes sold well because we were able to anticipate the features that home buyers would want." says Bob. "We built homes with an open, airy feeling. We designed high ceilings, angled walls and corner-wrap windows to enlarge rooms. We varied floor heights and ceiling treatments, instead of building walls to define functional space." The Fishers have intentionally stayed away from high-volume, production building and prefer to take a "hands-on" approach to every job.
Whitworth Builders Inc. has been a leader in the development of the Ft. Walton Beach area for over 37 years. Throughout these years we have grown and developed our construction techniques to provide the highest standard of quality available to our buyer. The years of serving the military in this area has been rewarding, With Eglin AFB and Hurlburt Field along with Duke Field to the north we have grown to serve many price range and home style need in this community. We at Whitworth Builders are committed to continuing to grow and provide quality affordable new homes to your families. We continue to develop new floor plans and neighborhoods that we would be proud to live in and know that our dedication will show in each of our homes.



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